A world class Entertainment Resort on the Swanscombe Peninsula

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The Project

The Entertainment Resort will be the first of its kind in the UK, with a wide range of attractions and entertainment. Explore the masterplan below:

  1. A world-class theme park with themed rides, attractions and experiences, as well as daytime and night-time shows and parades
  2. A range of hotels including flexible space capable of hosting conferences, exhibitions and events
  3. A range of indoor entertainment including cinema and nightclubs
  4. Ancillary themed food and beverage outlets and retail
  5. Back of house and guest service facilities
  6. Transport improvements including a new dual carriageway access road between the A2 and the Entertainment Resort
  7. A green network to include areas of environmental enhancement and wildlife habitat creation beside the River Thames
  8. A range of connectivity improvements including public footpaths and cycle routes along the River Thames and enhancements to the existing jetty on the river to facilitate access by boat
  9. Thousands of onsite car park spaces plus provision for coaches, motorcycles and bicycles
  10. Enhancements to flood defence works
  11. Landscaping including water features such as ponds and canals


Explore the benefits the scheme will bring to the area.

Catalyst for regeneration

The project will be a catalyst for regeneration in the area including the delivery of the Ebbsfleet Garden City

Increase in local spend

There will be an increase in economic activity in the local area, leading to an associated increase in local spend

Thousands of jobs

There will be thousands of direct and indirect jobs created in the wider economy; collectively, we estimate that the Project will generate around 30,000 skilled or semi-skilled jobs (which is approximately 25,000 Full Time Equivalents)

Construction jobs

There will also be significant job creation associated with construction activity

New infrastructure

Improvements will be made to the roads, ensuring that new infrastructure is in place to serve the Entertainment Resort, including a new dedicated access route from the A2

Regeneration of a brownfield site

The project will regenerate what is largely a brownfield site, isolated by its previous industrial uses, back into a vibrant focus for the region

Potential of the River Thames

It will harness the potential of the River Thames and new routes will be created to make it attractive for people to walk, cycle or bus to and around the site

Green Networks

A green network will include areas of environmental enhancement and wildlife habitat creation beside the River Thames


The overall site including the access corridor to the A2, totaling approximately 535 acres, is principally based on the Swanscombe Peninsula on land to the east of Ingress Park and north of Ebbsfleet International Station, between the A226 and the River Thames.

This doesn’t mean we are proposing to develop the whole site within those borders, but that we are bringing forward a planning application for that area. The proposed site offers superb direct access by road, river and rail to London and its transport hubs linking Ebbsfleet to the rest of the country and Europe.




We are working closely with Dartford Borough Council, Gravesham Borough Council and the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation to bring forward a comprehensive masterplan for the Entertainment Resort.

We will make an application in 2017. Following the fourth stage of public consultation in summer 2015 we are addressing all the issues raised including carrying out further transport and environmental studies in the local area. We will be sharing our updated plans with the community at a further stage of public consultation.

Following submission, the Planning Inspectorate will seek views and carefully examine the application to advise the Government on whether or not it should go ahead.


The Entertainment Resort was the first ‘Business or Commercial Project’ to be accepted as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP) by the UK Government under the Planning Act 2008. NSIPs are major infrastructure developments in England and Wales, such as power plants and major road projects, which are considered to be of national importance. From early 2014 the range of schemes capable of being classified as an NSIP has been expanded to include major leisure, sports stadia and business schemes if they are of sufficient scale and represent a substantial economic dividend (For more information, please visit the Planning Inspectorate website.


17 minutes by train from St Pancras

Eurostar links to Paris (2 hrs. 5 mins) and Brussels (1hr 50 mins)

Potential for Crossrail extension

Close to M25, M2 and A2

Potential for river taxis and clipper services

It has always been important to us to create a transport strategy that works for our visitors but also the local community. We have tested a number of scenarios to understand how we can minimise our impact on the local road network and deliver transport improvements.

Following responses to our earlier consultation, we have developed two options involving the A2 Ebbsfleet junction access that attempt to minimise any adverse impacts upon archaeology and ecology. Only one of these options will be taken forward.

Option A

  • A new dedicated access route will be created to separate Entertainment Resort traffic from local traffic, reducing the potential for traffic congestion at the A2 Ebbsfleet junction
  • Adjacent to the existing HS1 rail line to minimise adverse air quality and noise effects
  • Upgrades to the existing ‘Ebbsfleet’ roundabouts north of the A2 to provide a high capacity gyratory, which should reduce impacts on existing local communities and accommodate future traffic flows associated with Ebbsfleet Garden City
  • Entertainment Resort traffic will use a free flowing route from the A2 to the parking and drop off areas, minimising the possibility of queuing back on the A2`

Option B

  • As with Option A, a new dedicated access route to the Entertainment Resort would be created that separates Entertainment Resort traffic from local traffic
  • Adjacent to the existing HS1 rail line to minimise adverse air quality and noise effects
  • Local traffic and Entertainment Resort traffic would use an improved A2 eastbound off-slip
  • A new "hamburger" layout roundabout (a roundabout with a road running through the centre) would separate Entertainment Resort traffic from local traffic and provide a through route for resort traffic to minimise the possibility of queuing back onto the A2

During construction, we have a unique opportunity to use the River Thames to bring in construction materials onto site, which will further reduce pressure on the road network. As part of the proposals a construction haul route from the A2 will be delivered at the earliest opportunity in the construction phase.

Our work on transport is on-going and we are in regular discussions with key stakeholders such as Dartford Borough Council, Gravesham Borough Council, Kent County Council, Highways England and Ebbsfleet Development Corporation.



If you have already registered for job and supply chain opportunities we have your contact details and will continue to keep you updated with the progress of the project.

We are determined to ensure job opportunities are available to local people as well as the wider employment market. There will be a range of full time and part time jobs expected to include:

  • Over 9,000 jobs (including approximately 6,500 Full Time Equivalents) at the Entertainment Resort
  • A further 2,300 jobs (including approximately 1,800 Full Time Equivalents) in the Entertainment Resort hotels
  • Potential for approximately 21,000 indirect jobs (including approximately 16,000 Full Time Equivalents) through the supply chain and growth from spending in the local area
  • Peak on site construction employment of up to 6,300 jobs, during the construction period

The jobs created will be across a wide range of opportunities including skilled professional roles. Local schools, job centres and community groups are assisting our understanding of the mix of skills and resources available in the local labour pool and this in turn will guide recruitment and training provision.

The Entertainment Resort will include staff training facilities which will enable local school-leavers and job seekers (of all ages) to gain the skills necessary to work within the proposed development.

Our supply chain will be a key component to the success of the Entertainment Resort and from the very beginning of the project we have emphasised how important it is for local, regional and national suppliers to be involved in the process and made aware of the opportunities that the resort will offer.

We will be holding events to give potential suppliers the opportunity to find out more about our services and product requirements.

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